WHHS, How May I Help You?

99.9 WHHS, how may I help you on this fine evening?

Call into my school’s radio station any time between seven and eight-thirty PM on Wednesday nights and that’s what you’ll hear on the other end. It’ll usually be me or my friend Maeve who answers your (pity) call with a twinkle in our voices.

Oh, forgot to mention my friends and I have a radio show at school. I know, super cool.

We made the executive decision halfway through our show to turn the hour and a half we have into to a more eclectic genre. Playing anything we feel like (Oh hi, B101). Like last week we played everything from Frank Sinatra to Taylor Swift to Hozier to The Eagles to Rihanna to Kanye West. The four of us- Julia, Avery, Maeve, and I- want to broadcast all types of music from the mid-1900s all the way up until today to give all three of our listeners a buffet of tunes.

Every couple of songs we’ll go on air and babble on about current news. And I mean “babble” in a literal sense. Last week we reviewed The 57th Annual Grammy Awards- everything from the fashion faux pas to our favorite performances (*ahem* Ed Sheeran, AC/DC, Hozier and Annie Lennox, and Taylor Swift’s front-row dancing- simply magnifique).

Doing this show with my gal pals is just so- for lack of a better word- fun. It’s fun to leave my house on a school night and hang out with three of my friends and just play sick music that we shamelessly jam out to. Almost sure I’m gonna make that a new rule: No Shame in Singing or Dancing in the Station. Last week, I played “Shake It Off” (by the goddess herself, Taylor Swift) and all of us went HAM (I could have made a T-Swift-best-friend reference by saying ” we went HAIM”, but I didn’t for your sake. Needless to say I still get credit if you ever use it.) Our in-studio performance of her song was 150% off-key and loud and kind of concerning but we were having a blast, being ourselves.

Sure, I can count the listeners we have on one hand but that’s not the motive behind our show. We do it to have a great time. We do it to introduce new music to each other. To bond. To create lasting memories together. Seems intense that I’m saying a simple school radio show has so much meaning, but it’s hard to lie and say it doesn’t. Music for me is an escape, and to add three really cool and lovely friends into the mix makes the experience so much better.

This radio show is something I’m going to remember when I’m 35 years old and “Four Five Seconds” (By Rihanna, featuring Kanye West AND Paul McCartney…Woah) plays on a throwback station. I’ll picture the carpet-lined studio. And the record player. And the double-monitor computer. All the keys and controls I had to use. The lounge outside with it’s gross (but hella comfy) couches. The Polaroids hanging on the walls and the Van Gogh-inspired mural painted behind them. I’ll remember the laughs we had off-air and the struggle to not say a “bad word” on-air. The amazing, 65-year history the station has (here’s to 65 more). I’ll recall everything.

Cherish moments like this, folks- especially you youngsters out there. Try not to be glued to Instagram and Twitter. I know it’s difficult to pull away from it. But once you find the strength to do so, your life will open up and you’ll see how terrifyingly fast it passes by and you won’t give a hoot about social media as much as you had before. But, wait! There’s more! You’ll have more time (and energy) to go outside, walk around town, and hang out with people face-to-face instead of scrolling, liking, and refreshing pages on your phone. I’m taking the initiative toward fully enjoying life by limiting my time on social media…And this radio spot is just one step closer to that goal.

Here’s to a successful semester with the crew and our new radio show. Cheers to that.



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