Coming to a Close

A while ago I wrote a blog post about beginning my Senior year of high school. I said how bittersweet it is to be leaving a place I called home prison (kidding) for four years. And it’s true. In a week and two days, my last alarm will wake me from my deep slumber, and instead of tapping my screen to snooze it, I’ll hop out of bed with excitement for school. In a week and two days, I’ll sit in my morning spot on the deep window sills by the auditorium where I’ll scroll through my Twitter and answer Snapchats. And in a week and six days, I will walk across a stage, shake the hands of the adults who have helped me along the way, turn to face a camera, and wave to my family who will most likely be sitting as close as humanly possible to where I am. Not to be cliche, but…to be cliche, I feel like just yesterday I was at a Bruce Springsteen concert with my dad, the night before my first day of Freshman year. It feels like just yesterday I couldn’t sleep because I was too wound up about school. Feels like just yesterday I was a 14 year old, wide-eyed Freshman.

These past four years have been some of the most exciting, confusing, frustrating, memorable years of my life so far. I’ve gained amazing friends, lost a couple, dated a boy, broke up with a boy, failed a test, got A’s on tests, took fun classes, took awful classes (like Chemistry and Intro to Physics), performed in musicals and dramas. The list goes on, just talk to my mom. Needless to say I had some good times in high school.

To think I’ll be heading off to college in the fall is wild. It’ll be my first time making decisions completely on my own. I can eat when I want, leave campus when I want, and wake up and go to bed when I want (for the most part). My wonderful roommate Lexie and I are going to have the best time together.

So here we are. The clock to graduation is ticking, and it’s ticking quickly. By the time I finish this blog post I’ll be one day closer to leaving this school forever.

Here’s to the past four years, and to the next four,





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