Sleepless in WCU

It’s 2:34AM on December 14th, 2016 and I’m awake for some reason…and when I can’t sleep, I write. Lexie, I’m so very sorry if you can hear me typing over here.

It has been months (six, to be exact) since I’ve written anything on here. Why? I could give you the simple answer and say “*sigh* college”…or I could give you the more complex and fun answer and say that I’ve been too busy staying up until 1am in my friends’ dorms; eating God awful dining hall gruel, shedding a tear with every bite because it’s just not my mom’s cooking; bitching and moaning about “how stupid is it that Professor _____ just gives us 100’s on every paper, why do I even try”; and laughing while reading funny tweets with Madi until we’re both wheezing and crying and capturing those non-human noises on our Snapchats. I’ve been so immersed in experiencing my new life at college that I barely thought to share any of it in writing.


I cannot believe a full semester has already gone by. This is almost too cliche to say, I’m actually cringing while typing it out, but it really feels like just yesterday Lexie and I were hauling our lives into a 12 x 10 dorm room. That whole day was weird. Foreign. Scary. Anxious. The car was packed and ready to go, so I said goodbye to my dog and off we went–just like that. We somehow managed to fit everything into the closets, bins, drawers, and shelves with which we were provided. In a matter of about three hours, I had arranged my new life in my dorm. Soon enough our family and friends were gone and Lexie and I were officially on our own for the first time in both our lives. We just looked at each other, like “uhhhh, what do we do now?”

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I remember standing in line for dinner that evening when my mom called. I’m thinking, like, really?! She just left two hours ago. But as I’m talking to her she starts to get choked up, which obviously gets me all flustered since I’m the World’s Most Emotional Person! Ask anyone. As the tears are welling in my eyes, I’m inching closer to my university’s president, whose hand I’m supposed to shake in about ten seconds. I’m still on the phone with my mother when I end up in front of him. I literally muster out a wavy “hello” before I quickly turn away and walk inside.

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Later that evening I take Lexie up to the fourth floor to meet a boy who had Snapchatted me the day before move-in to ask where I was living (we ended up actually living a floor apart from each other). Lexie and I ever-so-awkwardly stand in the threshold between their mini hallway and their bedroom and talk to these two boys Nate and Derek. The four of us are chatting and warming up to each other, then later we end up hanging out together until all hours of the morning. Little did I know these two would have such an impact on my life in four short months. But I guess that’s how life goes sometimes.


I’ve only been in college for one semester, but I’ve already established a life here. I catch myself calling West Chester University “home” when I’m actually at my real house with my real family. Do you think Dana could drive me back home–I mean, back to West Chester tonight? I think the fact that I’m actually quite sad about having to be away from most of my WCU friends for forty days says a lot about how quickly we have all become close friends and how college truly is the best four years of your life.

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I think I’m overall much happier about life now. I have a lot of new friends who bring so much light into my day, every day, that I can’t not be happy.

Until next time,




My blog posts are usually quite humorous and very Jenna-esque, so those of you who are new here and may be reading this post thinking that I always write these in-my-feels narratives, don’t be mistaken. Just you wait 😉